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Vegan silk: Ahimsa Collection

Ahimsa is the most unique collection of the brand dedicated to brides or to those customers who want a vegan garment. For this collection the stylist uses a precious vegan silk called Ahimsa which means non-violence in Sanskrit.
This precious silk, coming from southern India, is produced according to Gandhi’s ethical principles of non-violence.

Respect for nature and the environment

The raw silk of this collection is chosen by many brides both for its special ivory colour and for the ethical aspect. This fabric, soft to the touch and comfortable on the skin, has also a particular brilliant effect.
This silk is ethical and sustainable, respectful of nature and of the environment.

Ethical and eco-sustainable silk

During the production of this special silk, instead of using the macabre method of immersing the cocoons in boiling water, patient Indian women wait for the release of the butterfly from the cocoon without violently interrupting its life cycle.

Waiting is indeed an important factor. Once the metamorphosis is complete and the silkworm transforms into a butterfly, it voluntarily leaves the cocoon allowing these expert hands to collect the thread like a fibre.
Throughout the whole process the deriving silk thread must be trimmed naturally and this work is done by the women of Indian rural villages.
This silk is therefore ethical and eco-sustainable because besides being a natural silk, it supports a female community.
Consequently, ahimsa silk aims at supporting the Indian rural realities, especially in the education of children and women, guaranteeing adequate education and a better future.
At a hearing with Pope Francis, a dress was handed over to the Holy Father as a sign of peace.


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