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The services

Margherita de Cles offers a personalized service as fashion consultant and stylist, bride stylist, wardrobe consultant and man styling all over the world. The services include advice on complete image, international etiquette consulting, colour analysis to select the best palette according to your skin tone and body shape analysis to create garments that meet all our customers’ needs. After assessing your body type, you can get a dress which is tailored for the most appropriate style of your figure.

The reorganization of the wardrobe is another important service in the choice of one’s look. With this service we create the best outfits for every event and occasion using already purchased clothes and adding new items according to the customer’s lifestyle and personal style.

Image consultant

Choosing the best outfit and style could be difficult for a customer because of the lack of time and of the knowledge of one’s own silhouette.
Since our daily lives are mainly influenced by the latest fashion trends, by similar garments and by the frenzy of fast-fashion, recognizing the best style is fundamental to emphasize the feminine body with simple arrangements.
Wearing the appropriate dress at the right time and according to the context and the etiquette of the place, will help you to avoid unpleasant embarrassments and to make you feel comfortable all the time. As a professional image consultant, Margherita offers solutions according to her knowledge and experience following the personality, attitudes and emotions of the customer.
During the appointment, the analysis of the body shape will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the silhouette and our image consultant will advise on the best colour palette.
Following this analysis, our fashion stylist will develop a personal style and she will choose the best fabrics and dress models that will be tailored to fit the customer’s body shape, the colour palette and the latest prêt-à-porter or haute couture trends. Jewels, accessories and hair style are also very important elements to complete and guarantee a perfect total look.
La Cles dresses the woman who wants to express herself and follow her own style beyond fashion, enhancing her image to show her personal femininity in all circumstances.

Wardrobe management

Our wardrobes are full of unworn clothes, shoes, coats, tops that are over 20 years old.

The wardrobe management service consists in selecting and totally reorganizing the wardrobe, choosing the items that can still be worn and those that have to be eliminated.

Style does not depend on the number of clothes but on the choice of a few garments that enhance our body in every occasion.

What is important is to adapt every dress to different contexts: the choice of an accessory, for example, can vary depending on the occasion in which it is used.

Personal shopper

To complete the services of the stylist, personal shopping is another highly requested service for those who, due to the lack of time, cannot devote themselves to this activity.

As their personal shopper, Margherita first carefully analyses the style and habits of the customers and then chooses the most suitable garments for every occasion or event.

Man styling

Men, as well as women, are attentive to new fashions and trends and want to make the most of themselves.

This service is dedicated to those men who want to have useful tips for their dress code and on the style in the workplace and in the free time, choosing the most suitable colours and accessories.

Bride stylist

The bride stylist is an image consultant for the bride.

We provide the following services: the analysis of the body shape, of the style, of the outfit and the choice of make up and hair style.
For this special occasion, the choice of fabric and colour is even more fundamental to create a unique dress. Moreover, we also provide an etiquette consulting service with the most important rules to follow during a ceremony according to the type of wedding that you are planning to have.

Custom-tailored service

Our custom-tailored service starts from the analysis of the body shape to highlight the strengths of the silhouette. Thanks to this fashion consulting service La Cles offers a fine tailoring in a modern and innovative way, focusing her attention on the customer’s needs.

Discovering the best natural features of every client will allow her to enhance their beauty and attractiveness. This is why every dress model is entirely developed according to the customer’s necessities. The stylist’s task is to be an artist and to interpret femininity, exalting not only the uniqueness of each individual body but also the emotions and creating an elegantly refined tailored dress that corresponds to the client’s way of living.
For this reason, as a scrupulous professional image consultant, she invites her customers to enter at the “shop” section of her website their measurements which will allow her to have an approximate body shape for the first appointment.

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