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Diwali: viaggio tra ombra e Luce

NEW DELHI- Lights are on, the season has started, this is Diwali time, traffic jam, colors everywhere, busy ladies at Lajpat Nagar looking for the right outfit for the night, has to be shiny and goldish, cookies and chocolate boxes have to be given to the beloved ones. 

The spark and opulence have no end, poor people begging on the street following their karmas and in the meantime the new riches following their gambling insticts enjoying a sip of sula and a bottle of whisky. They make their bets and they lose their Rolex and Rupees at the same time… Is it really all what happens during Diwali? Oh no this is just the appetizer of one of the most attended event of the year, the festival of light.

No more fireworks but more light, that light that comes from the heart, that heart that suffers and enjoys at time its life. A rollercoster jumping and experiencing the dark and light side of life. It is a victory of good over evil.

As all indian festivals, this is mostly about spirituality. Indians light up their candles and hearts to defeat their ennemmies within.

When you carry that lamp that disperses in the darkness you will be always reaching the allmightys above.

This represents the journey of each human’s life, when we keep our lamp with us our path will be always enlightened and we won’t be scared of darkness. Ignorance will be defeated. Wherever there is darkness there is always light.

Do not desperse this light and live your life enlightened and your soul will shine for eternity.


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