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Margherita de Cles

La Cles envisions and celebrates the traditional woman who lives in the present with style and elegance, keeping up with the times and the contemporary social contexts. The creative mind behind this brand is Margherita de Cles. Thanks to her love for a multicultural society, this cosmopolitan stylist lives between Italy, India and Morocco, the perfect places to find fabrics and new inspirations. The style of Margherita combines the Italian design with the colours and fabrics of the ethnic oriental traditions.
The time spent training in the fashion sector in Milan, London, New York, Cape Town and New Delhi has shaped in Margherita a style that goes beyond fashion and that is linked to art places, allowing her to emerge as a global fashion designer. This dynamic woman, always in search of her style, now sells her creations internationally. The different social contexts, together with new knowledge and influences have certainly affected La Cles as a young stylist attentive to femininity and to the environment and have contributed developing in her a sustainable attitude which, combined with elegant creativity and simple wearability, has characterized her personal life and her fashion.

The careful study of natural fabric, including vegan silk, the rigorous craftsmanship and the interest in haute couture have revealed essential elements to create more and more exclusive and tailored garments. Synergistically mingled, all these aspects bring the stylist’s vision into life: her fashion has become ethical and conscious.
Margherita de Cles offers her fashion and image consulting services all over the world. With her emerging brand this stylist aims at combining her roots and the Made in Italy with the innovative influences of the other cultures and her refined and elegant creativity.
Margherita’s creations have repeatedly walked the catwalk of the Fashion Week in Milan, of the Tao-Moda in Taormina as an emerging fashion designer and of the International Fashion Week in Reggio Calabria. She has also been awarded as Fashion designer in 2018 and 2019. She is the partner and sponsor of Miss Trentino Alto Adige in collaboration with the godmother Sonia Leonardi. On the occasion of the presentation of her collections she dressed Alice Arlanch, Miss Italy 2017.
Being always involved in social issues, Margherita de Cles has taken part in many projects, like the one in favour of the women in Mali during Expo 2015 and has attended several gala fundraising evenings with Circolo della Nobiltà Italiana and Lions Clubs.
She recently opened Fame Space, a place dedicated to fashion, art, music and events in collaboration with numerous artists and musicians who rely on this stylist’s taste for their look. She is member of Etiquette Italy and she is certified consultant of business etiquette.

La Cles

La Cles Brand

La Cles aims at creating dresses for women who want to distinguish themselves and be perfect on every occasion.
Both for the everyday life and for the most important events, La Cles clothes are unique and timeless and mainly represent the originality and inventiveness of the stylist. Wearability and fabric quality play a very important role in La Cles collections. All types of fabric are carefully and accurately chosen in order to combine with simplicity chiffon, organza, velvet, silk, lace and taffeta.
This young stylist represents the fundamental tenet to join women from different styles, origin, age and personality creating a new style made of Made in Italy and ethnic influences. Her emerging brand represents the modern woman who wants to experience her freedom, her need to enhance her body and her desire to feel comfortable without prejudices and limitations.
Her creations are innovative, original and respectful of the female body both from an aesthetic and an ethical point of view.

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