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Deluxe suites


La Cles presents the hospitality project:
La Cles Deluxe Suites!
The hosting journey. A journey through the colours of India and Africa.

Stylist Margherita de Cles spent years traveling between India and Africa, and presents the colours and memories of these great continents in the two suites: Lotus and The Garden of Eden.
After a long period of lockdown in Zimbabwe, this idea was born
The designer has recreated the family palace, Palazzo La Cles, and presents spaces in which one can travel solely with the mind. One can experience the Indian colonial style or the wildness of the Bvumba forests of old Rhodesia, one simply by stepping into these suites.

Lotus Suite, an ode to India:

The pale blue boiserie of the Lotus Suite, sober and elegant, welcomes guests to the living and dining area with upholstery befitting the colours of India.

From the hues of the walls to the floral motifs of raw Indian cotton curtains, the Indian saga speak for itself. The four-poster bed and silk curtains with the lotus flower motif, India’s national flower, perfectly match the retro ceramic sconces.

Unmissable in this rich atmosphere is a kitchenette where you can try your hand at some tasty hot dish, and a comforting jacuzzi to relax and sip a glass of red wine.

La The Garden of Eden Suite è un inno all’Africa​

The Garden of Eden: An African Hymn

This business suite is ideal for business appointments and easily transforms into comfortable accommodation – thanks to the foldaway bed. With the walls bringing out the wild nature of Africa – its animals and exotic palm trees, it doesn’t take much else to feel as though you stepped into an African savannah.

It all comes to life with the furniture elements locally crafted from South Africa, Mali, Zimbabwe and Kenya…
This suite celebrates the Africa that is and has always been.

To book your ideal suite you can contact us on info@lacles.it or directly

Margherita de Cles

La Cles envisions and celebrates the traditional woman who lives in the present with style and elegance, keeping up with the times and the contemporary social contexts.

The creative mind behind this brand is Margherita de Cles. Thanks to her love for a multicultural society, this cosmopolitan stylist lives between Italy, India and Morocco, the perfect places to find fabrics and new inspirations.

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