La Cles is an innovative and sustainable female brand, with a strong holistic vocation.
The creative soul of the brand is Margherita de Cles, a.k.a. La Cles, an entrepreneur and philanthropist of fashion, a lover of the melting pot, who has always cultivated her vision of collective and ethical fashion.

Cles promotes the use of sustainable fabrics: vegan silk (ahimsa silk or cruelty free silk) and other fabrics that limit the process of environmental pollution.

Cles has always tried to limit waste to encourage the reuse of materials in order to limit environmental damage and waste.

Cles wants to create a better world and believes in human rights in which are always in favor of workers.
The brand launched its first collection “La Cles loves women of Mali” in 2015, thus starting its first philanthropic project dedicated to the women and children of Mali.

La Cles’s mission is to support underdeveloped communities in Africa and India, and to improve their lives by offering educational support and basic necessities.

The Cles collection boasts of colourful printed silk dresses with a strong personality and timeless style, inspired by the enchanting mystery of nature.

Margherita de Cles loves to combine different symbols and cultures in her clothing and accessories, using fashion as a vehicle of peace, solidarity, sharing and collective unity.

La Cles proposes a slightly retro feminine woman, who wears garments with classic Italian cuts, but is also influenced by her travels – giving an exotic touch, starting from Japanese elegance, the boldness of the colourful Indian saari and silk prints that tell enchanting stories from the depths of Africa’s wilderness.

La Cles - Margherita de Cles

The brand's mission is to restore balance between the primordial essence and authentic beauty while respecting the environment, cultures and those who are part of the global chain.

If you want to heal the world you can start with our fashion and be a part of our philosophy…

Cles is anpart of you, and of the future.

“Many years ago, when I was working in a fashion agency in New York, I had this vision. One day I will create a brand for all women in the world with natural and colorful fabrics that will help support disadvantaged social classes. Today I’m realising that dream by dedicating myself to small projects to support our planet and humanity. “

Margherita de Cles

La Cles envisions and celebrates the traditional woman who lives in the present with style and elegance, keeping up with the times and the contemporary social contexts.

The creative mind behind this brand is Margherita de Cles. Thanks to her love for a multicultural society, this cosmopolitan stylist lives between Italy, India and Morocco, the perfect places to find fabrics and new inspirations.

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