In an increasingly globalized world, we are closer than ever to the cultures, habits and traditions of other peoples.
These seminars arise from the need to improve our relationships with others in our professional as well as private lives.
Today, to conduct business successfully, it is important to know the rules that underlie the principles of good manners and business etiquette.

Margherita de Cles, certified consultant of Etiquette Italy, specializes in international business etiquette. After successfully navigating years of business with people from the world over, she has truly mastered teaching the basics of good international etiquette.

Welcome experience the bon ton of hospitality:

This seminar teaches the basic principles for an unforgettable welcome.
Whether at work or in everyday life, knowing how to welcome a guest at home or at your workplace in the best possible way gives them a truly positive and memorable experience.

Hospitality is an art in certain cultures, where being hospitable should be spontaneous and natural. However, not everyone has these skills, so the savoir faire of hospitality can be learned in this seminar. This seminar is suitable for anyone who has to deal with the public, as it helps to improve the quality of the mutual relationship.

International Business Etiquette:

If you are invited to the home of a foreign friend or colleague, it becomes extremely important to avoid gaffes by knowing the basics of the culture of the countries you travel to for work or pleasure.
To consolidate a working relationship with a colleague or friend who lives abroad, this seminar is extremely important. This seminar is all you need to get practical and current advice about what good manners are in international business.
Respect and knowledge of other cultures are the first steps to consolidate long-lasting working relationships.
This seminar is suitable for companies or individuals who have close working relationships with foreign countries and want to improve their relationships with practical and useful advice.

Business etiquette in sales is a winning first impression:

How many times have you met a person who, at first glance, was not convincing and did not bring about a good relationship? Our subconscious already knows what works for us.
We have about 30 seconds to make a good first date impression! This seminar teaches us to give our best on a first date and create effective and lasting business relationships over time through small tricks that improve our presence.
This seminar is dedicated to all those who want to become aware of themselves and others, to present themselves well and know how to choose the most suitable business partners.

Dressing for success:

Do you have a business appointment with a Chinese colleague for lunch and don’t know how to dress?
Choosing the most suitable clothing for a business meeting is important and rigorous wherever you are in the world.
In work, dress code must be respected and followed as it is one of the important ways of conveying a solid professional image.
This seminar teaches us the best clothing for every professional occasion.

Bon ton today:

We are in 2021! Kindness and good manners are unfortunately becoming a part of the past.

This seminar is dedicated to those who want to understand the best attitudes and rules of education to follow in today’s society, from how to sit at the table to how to maintain relationships with friends and collaborators.
Because good manners should never go out of style.

Margherita de Cles

La Cles is an Italian woman clothing brand with an holistic approach that is focus on elegant and conscious clothes that can be used timeless and let you feel confident.

The main focus of La Cles is to support Italian craftsmanship using dead fabrics, sustainable fabrics and zero waste.

La Cles collections provide different cuts and colors to suit different women’s sihlouttes.  

The creative director of this brand is baroness Margherita de Cles,  entrepreneur, philanthropist and designer that loves multicultural society. She likes to empower women through her collections and with the use of colors and unique fabrics and designs. 

She is a globe trotter and she lives between Italy, Cles, her hometown, India and Morocco, the perfect places to find fabrics and new inspirations.

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