Image Consulting

Margherita de Cles, aka La Cles, with exclusive beauty professionals, offers the best image consulting services that are recognized all over the world.

The team of La Cles Beauty Salon is star studded – with Laura Dallatina, qualified expert in beauty and make-up and Antonella Bergamo, certified hair stylist. They work alongside Margherita to complete to satisfy every need in every consultation.

During the session, objective and subjective aspects of the person are analyzed using basic principles of aesthetics and the rules of the auric perspective.

Margherita de Cles, uses points of reference for men or women guided by the choice of clothing most appropriate for them and the colours and styles most suited to their complexion, cut and personal look. Thanks to La Cles, customers discover new looks and find a new identity by cultivating their self-esteem.

The service is suitable for those who want to improve their style and need an image curator who knows how to enhance their unity at 360 ° and in every context from life, from everyday life, to leisure and even for the professional world.


What is armocromia? Armocromia is the science of studying colours. We can all be classified as belonging to a hot or cold season depending on the somatic traits that we possess individually.
Recognizing it allows you to enhance your hair, skin and eye colour.
Cles guides people eager to improve themselves and helps them to define their own colour palette. This becomes a useful tool for highlighting facial features with the colours most suited to their undertone.
There are four seasonal palettes and are conventionally divided in the same way as the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Helping you find your own season, and enhancing your natural colours, is a real mission of La Cles that, for years, has been helping men and women of all cultures to complement themselves with friendly colours.
What season are you? Try the La Cles test!

Analysis of the figure

Relying on the professionalism of the image consultant Margherita de Cles means receiving all the necessary support even during the analysis of one’s own figure.

Each body has its own figure and thanks to a careful analysis Margherita de Cles, you will be guided towards choosing the dress that best outlines your silhouette and the accessories that are most flattering for your body.

The study is carried out by taking as reference: the waist, bust and hips, and analysing them to hand pick the very best outfits for your body.
The analysis of the figure allows you to enhance your forms, make targeted and conscious purchases, choose clothes and accessories that highlight your strengths so that you feel perfectly at ease with yourself on every occasion.

Cloakroom management

Organizing the wardrobe is a La Cles service useful for tidying up your wardrobe by choosing the items of clothing and accessories that fit your style and suit your personal characteristics.
La Cles will manage your wardrobe by sorting your clothes by season and color.

You will discover many new looks and combinations, and you will realize that purchases will not only be more targeted, but also indispensable.
A well ordered wardrobe allows you to study new combinations, discover new looks and perform quick seasonal changes without any stress!

Thanks to a tidy and efficient wardrobe organised by a professional from La Cles, choosing the perfect outfit will be at your fingertips!

Personal shopper

The personal shopper service, provided by the supervision of La Cles, is dedicated to well-targeted purchases after carefully analyzing your personal style.

Here, Margherita becomes an accomplice and a guide in purchasing clothes and accessories most suitable for your colour palette and body shape.

La Cles will create a selection of various garments and accessories, to create a basic capsule, which includes must-have dresses and garments, impossible to leave out of your wardrobe.

Man Styling

Relying on the La Cles Man styling service means following the style of a man in its entirety. Men’s Styling is a dedicated and personalized service for HIM.

The Cles highlights the uniqueness and singular aspects of each man. You can transition smoothly from a business meeting to a private meeting, within different environments and situations, all while looking your very best!
The Man Styling service allows you to find the ideal outfit for any occasion because it takes into account the context, the presence of the guests and the degree of formality of the event.
Cles builds the image of a winning man, boosting your personality, using the most suitable colours, clothing and accessories that reflect the masculine style.

Personal branding and professional image

The personal branding and professional image service is dedicated to people who need to build a true image based on their style and personality.
This service is dedicated to your identity and uniqueness.

This consultancy analyzes all personal needs from the studying your perfect colour palette, to the analysis of the figure, style, upgrading every single tenet of the person.
Request a consultation to start enhancing your image and give your brand a recognizable identity.
A strong identity and a clear and defined image in the eyes of others are crucial aspects for the success of each individual.


Bridal Consultancy

Every bride deserves to have the most perfect wedding day… the day of her dreams! Leave it to La Cles to include every single detail and make it picture perfect.
In this service, Margherita de Cles supports you at every stage of the wedding preparation: from the choice of the dress, to the perfect hairstyle and make-up! Not just this, she also provides helpful dress code and extremely select wedding etiquette tips.
Request the service and make the most of your figure and personality to make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

Advice on bride and groom

Image consulting for the bride and groom allows you to arrive at the wedding day without neglecting even the smallest detail.Cles takes care of her and him. Aspects such as the color scheme and the analysis of the figure allow a study of colors and an analysis of the face aimed at creating a unique style.

Relying on La Cles allows you to differentiate yourself and have the certainty of a successful marriage.
Every aspect: the dress code, the wedding etiquette, the study of hair style and make-up, allow you to make your wedding day unforgettable.

Margherita de Cles

La Cles is an Italian woman clothing brand with an holistic approach that is focus on elegant and conscious clothes that can be used timeless and let you feel confident.

The main focus of La Cles is to support Italian craftsmanship using dead fabrics, sustainable fabrics and zero waste.

La Cles collections provide different cuts and colors to suit different women’s sihlouttes.  

The creative director of this brand is baroness Margherita de Cles,  entrepreneur, philanthropist and designer that loves multicultural society. She likes to empower women through her collections and with the use of colors and unique fabrics and designs. 

She is a globe trotter and she lives between Italy, Cles, her hometown, India and Morocco, the perfect places to find fabrics and new inspirations.

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