The TAILORED service was created for people who are more concerned about their look and who dream of a unique, personalized garments or the restyling of an old garment.

The tailored suit: Choosing a tailored suit means recognizing two fundamental aspects: style and functionality.
Margherita de Cles after having listened to the customer’s requests, proposes garments that enhance and satisfy the needs and style of the person.
La Cles bespoke garments are made by the hands of expert seamstresses, and are designed to highlight the strengths of each individual person.

Every aspect and detail is carefully taken care of by the stylist and image consultant, from the choice of colour to the choice of the most suitable shape for one’s body type. The choice of fabric and accessories are other aspects that the stylist Margherita de Cles decides after a rigorous analysis and on the basic rules of dress code.

La Cles’ tailor-made service is for a demanding and unconventional customer who has difficulty finding in stores something that they really like, has a good fit and is made with quality fabrics. Each individual is different and has different tastes, styles and ideas from others.
Thanks to the tailor-made service, Margherita de Cles will be able to advise you how to best wear garments that you feel comfortable and at ease in.
La Cles has precious fabrics ranging from brocades, silks, sequins and with different weights to meet the needs of each customer both from a practical and aesthetic point of view, with exclusive precious accessories to give a glamorous touch.


Why choose the Made to Measure service?

Enhancing the personality has always been the goal of La Cles, which she tries to capture the subtle traits of each individual with the creation of a tailored suit.

Choosing a personalized outfit under the guidance of La Cles experience means choosing a complete personal service that guarantees a unique and timeless garment.
Your garment will be as unique as you are and can be modified or revisited whenever you want.

Ethical Brides with Ahimsa Silk

This service is for brides who want to use a sustainable fabric for the creation of their own dress on their wedding day.

Ahimsa silk or cruelty free silk, is a vegan and sustainable silk from India that La Cles has been using for years and has an exclusive in her atelier. This precious fabric comes from Andra Pradesh and is selected by Indian women.

It is a fabric that does not create fashion victims as it has the particularity of protecting the butterfly formed inside the cocoon at the end of its formation. The butterfly breaks the thread and is free to reproduce or die naturally. The remaining thread is then worked with special techniques to create fabric panels. This silk is based on the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and comes from an idea of ​​Kusuma Rajahah.


Long life dress service

Do you have a closet full of clothes but find it hard to get rid of them? They are items that you love a lot but are a little out of fashion. Getting old clothes out of your closet has never been more fun.

The sustainable vocation of La Cles has given life to this service dedicated to those who are against waste and want to protect the environment.

Millions of old and new clothes are burned every year causing severe environmental damage and waste that affects our planet.

The recovery of garments that you do not use is the new trend of a generation of more sensitive and attentive people that respect the eco system.
If you have a garment that you don’t want to throw away, La Cles offers the service to revive your dress, giving it new long life, with a simple restyling.

If you are interested in our services contact us at and make your appointment.

Margherita de Cles

La Cles is an Italian woman clothing brand with an holistic approach that is focus on elegant and conscious clothes that can be used timeless and let you feel confident.

The main focus of La Cles is to support Italian craftsmanship using dead fabrics, sustainable fabrics and zero waste.

La Cles collections provide different cuts and colors to suit different women’s sihlouttes.  

The creative director of this brand is baroness Margherita de Cles,  entrepreneur, philanthropist and designer that loves multicultural society. She likes to empower women through her collections and with the use of colors and unique fabrics and designs. 

She is a globe trotter and she lives between Italy, Cles, her hometown, India and Morocco, the perfect places to find fabrics and new inspirations.

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