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La Cles

This was my question since I started my journey…

When I was young I was always looking for something different not just in my style but also in my environment.

I could not think about fashion, just as it is, glamour, posh; during my visions I have always seen more colours, people, villages, children and women not just clothes.

I could not really give a name on what I was dreaming of but then once I went to India I found what I was looking for years.

The way I am seeing it is very simple, pure and genuine, an alternative way to express and give something different to the masses even if I am not really targeting them. My contribute to the world comes through a very special silk I have found last year in India.

It is called AHIMSA, and this is not just a sanscrit word meaning non-violence, but this is the best way for me to express what I have been always wondering in these years of long searches.

A fabric with a profound value, a sense of cummunity, respect and love for nature, peace, ethical and vegan. Just few words that you could not have expected to be connected to fashion.

There is no fashion victims during the process of silk, just happy and free butterflies…

This is one of the collection I am developing after I met the founder of the Patent in Hydrabad, a real indian gentleman, with a beautiful family and big values, same values of Master Mahtama Gandhi.

He shared with me the story of ahimsa, the enormous help have been given to women and children who live in these rural community.

This is really for me the future of fashion, something unique that is conscious, respectful and a same time trendy, what else?

Margherita de Cles

La Cles envisions and celebrates the traditional woman who lives in the present with style and elegance, keeping up with the times and the contemporary social contexts.

The creative mind behind this brand is Margherita de Cles. Thanks to her love for a multicultural society, this cosmopolitan stylist lives between Italy, India and Morocco, the perfect places to find fabrics and new inspirations.

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